6 Effective Dark Spots Removers!!!!


Hello guys…!!
Today I am up with 6 home remedies for removal of dark spots.
Do they irritate you as well???
Dark spots, blemishes, acne, pimples, scarring not only bother girls but guys too!! Dark spots are a kind of skin disorder which is caused usually due to excess sun exposure, acne, pimples,etc. Hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, pollution are the major reasons for breakout or pimples leaving scars and dark spots on your face. Chemical peels, lasers and other long procedures are way too expensive for everyone to afford. But….worry not!! Our kitchen has got many incredible hidden ingredients which works almost for any type of skin disorders.
Dealing with dark spots I have picked some amazing ingredients which is worth trying…yes you can trust me!!😊
Before moving to our subject I would like to share that while dealing with natural or homemade remedies you need to be patient.
“Patience bears sweet fruits.”
Let’s get started….👇
1. Lemon juice:


Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid. It lightens and brighten your skin. It has high antioxidant properties and very beneficial for removing dark spots, fake tan,etc.
DIY: Mix 2tbsp of lemon juice and 1tbsp of honey. Apply on face and keep for 15-20min. Wash off. Use this thrice a week for effective results.
2. Potato:


Potatoes have many vitamins and minerals. It is high in source of Iron, Vitamin C and Riboflavin. They can be used to clear up under eye circles, reduce puffiness, lightens your skin tone, clear scars, etc. Juice of potato have natural bleaching agent which removes tan and dark spots.
DIY: Grate a piece of potato and squeeze out the juice. Apply this to your face and neck and leave for 15min. Wash with cold water and repeat every alternate day for the required results.
3. Turmeric:


Turmeric is a very strong antioxidant. It has anti inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. Regular use of turmeric as alone or in a pack removes dark spots, acne, pimples, blemishes, etc giving you a radiant glow.
DIY: Mix 1tbsp of turmeric, 1tbsp of raw honey and 1/2tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture and leave for 15-20min. Wash with lukewarm water. Use this pack thrice a week for noticeable results.
4. ALOE VERA:   


Aloe Vera has incredible uses. It has excellent moisturising capabilities. It has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which works as miracle for our skin.
DIY: Add 1tbsp aloe vera gel, 1tbsp of lemon juice, 1/2tbsp turmeric in 3 tbsp of multani mitti (fuller’s earth). Apply this pack on your face and neck and leave for 15min or till it dries completely. Wash off. Use this pack twice a week.
5. Papaya:


Papaya is full of alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes like papain which breaks down dead skin cells. Regularly using Papaya on your skin reduces dark spots, sunburns, scarring, treating acne and many more. 
DIY: Mix 2tbsp of mashed papaya, 1tbsp of oat meal powder and 1tbsp of honey. Apply this on your face and keep for 15min. Wash off. Use twice a week.
6. Onion juice:


Onion juice can be considered as an effective skin remedy which cost you as none. Using onion juice regularly improves your skin texture, reduce fine lines, pores, dark spots, etc.
DIY: Grate and squeeze the juice of a onion. Apply this directly to your face and keep for 15min. Wash off with cold water and repeat thrice a week.

Summing up I must share my experience, these remedies are really worth to work with. Natural and homemade packs are always been loved!
Hope you guys find it helpful.
Stay happy. Stay beautiful.


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