Review: Fuschia by vkare

Hello guys!!! Welcome back to my blog!!!
Before I start with anything let me put forward a simple questionAre you aware of the ingredients in the products you use for your face & body??? Well I must say maximum of answers would be “NO”. Most of products we get from the market contains harmful chemicals, parabens, phthalates, SLS, sulphates etc. But let’s not worry much!!! Because today I am here to introduce you few natural homemade products by a well known company Fuschia by vkare.


Recently I tried some of the products from them. Let me directly take you to the detailed review of those and share my experience as well.
1. Green Tea Face & Body Clarifying Scrub:


As earlier on instagram I shared with you about my acne problem. Those are remarkably vanishing but leaving some dead skin cells and pores as well. This scrub has worked great for my skin as it contains Aloe Vera, Green tea, Olive oil & Wheatgerm oil that naturally exfoliates skin removing dead skin cells giving soft and clear skin.
2. June Jasmine Bath Salt:


It’s summer guys, we and our body needs something refreshing, soothing and revitalising. This bath salt contains Sea salt with Dead sea minerals, Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, Jasmine essential oil & Olive oil which is perfect for a summer bath!!!😍
3. Fuschia Pomegranate Natural Homemade Soap:


The smell of this soap is just awesome!! It contains Vegetable glycerine base, Olive oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil & Pomegranate extract which works as wonders for our skin.
4. Fuschia Choco Butter Natural Homemade Lip Balm:


Oppss!!!! I was about to eat that up!!!!😛 The smell!!! I must say best for the chocolate lovers like me! Not only the packaging and smell of the balm is amazing but also as it works on your dry chapped lips. It rejuvenates & keep your lips soft and supple.
Summing up I would say that my experience with Fuschia was really great. If you want to go for cruelty free natural products in wide variety according to your skin problems and type must follow them on instagram @fuschiavkare and can visit and get pampered!!!
Stay safe.
Stay happy.
Stay gorgeous.


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